There are different payment methods on TEMCO.

Payment by Credit Card:

TEMCO operates a secured method of payment for all credit cards. Once products/services have been selected and the user wishes to check out, the system will prompt for the method of payment. If credit card is selected, the user will be re-directed to the Bank’s page for credit card transactions. At this point in time, TEMCO has no visibility on the details of the card or the details being submitted on the bank’s page. TEMCO only passes on the details of purchase to the bank. The bank in return confirms within seconds if the payment has been accepted or rejected. If payment has been accepted we immediately send the a success information or otherwise a failure of transaction by the bank and invite you to try another card or method of payment. In case of success, we process your invoice and details of your purchase and advise on delivery schedule as agreed by their respective merchants.

Other payment methods:

For payment by bank transfer or cheque, you will receive an email upon clearance of your transfer or cheque by the bank, followed by a confirmation email informing you that the goods have been dispatched. If your transfer or cheque is declined, you will receive an email informing you that no payment has been taken.